Tuesday, October 17, 2006

St Joseph is my Homeboy

For Open Houses (OH) I don't boil those smelly dead flowers, bake cookies, create curly bamboo archways or bury resin Catholic saints in the former coal chute under the light of the waning moon. Don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball.

I am trying to get a handle on the weather factor tho.
No traffic at your OH? Rained, kept 'em inside watching the Food Network.
Low traffic at the OH? 72 & sunny, they went to the zoo, mowed the lawn, dusted off the kite.
62 people, all preapproved, gasping at the joy of builder's white on the walls & you ran out of business cards despite it being a freakin hail storm outside and the slab is in a floodplain?
Yeah, your wife buried Joseph under the hostas because she likes the part where you have heat in the winter.
There he goes, floating by with some old army guys and a marble.

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