Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From the Block

Holidays bring out those people/smellatives that moved to the burbs & now ask classy things of their party hosts like "Is it okay to leave my car unlocked?"
Um no. But not because you're in the big bad city.
Because it isn't 1943 anymore.
I wouldn't leave my car unlocked in a monastery parking lot in Wyoming on a holiday after the apocalypse.

"I betcha I paid a lot less for my place & it has 16 bedrooms & 9 car garage."

Uh huh. That 2 flat you left 17 years ago? Worth 4 times as much as your current digs. Let's move to a festive topic like the war.

"Wow, there is no parking around here at all!"
No, there's lots of parking.
It's just all full. Because tons of people live here.
Because Chicago totally rocks.


Anonymous said...

Sure is a nice building! Wonder who owns it?

Anonymous said...

Nice building.

Anonymous said...

Who owns it?

Laura said...

I know that building. I used to live there... I know who the owner is.