Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Old Man Physics

This Carbon Monoxide detector law is a decent thing. Just needs a little clarification.
Cuz first they tell you it's an heavy gas that lurks around basements & garages. Then they tell you to put one by every bedroom.
But if you have 2nd floor bedrooms - doesn't it seem a little counterintuitive?

Like how the old man used to crank on the window ac in the front room, hang a blanket at the bottom of the stairs & then scream at you for moving the blanket & letting the heat down.
And you smugly told him heat rises & then he told you a thing or two.

Well put aside your basic grasp of physics & embrace the old man's view of things.

Sure YOU have bedrooms on the 2nd floor but is yours the only floorplan in Chicago?
~ No mister - you don't know how good you've got it.

Did you install a gas fireplace in the master? And was it actually you or your cousin from your mother's side of the family?
~ Yep mister, the Old Man knows a thing or two & he wouldn't let either of you near his toaster.

Got that fancy attached garage & let the beast idle a while in the garage so you don't get a chill?
~ Old Man told you to buy American - 8 cylinders will start right up every time.

Yeah I'd buy a detector. For the price of a pizza it's better than having to hear "I told you so."

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